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easily manage 100 (or 1000) projects with Skylight


You’re in charge of making energy efficiency projects for mid-sized and small commercial businesses happen on time and on budget; let Skylight help you make each and every one simple from qualified lead to final payment.

Allumia’s Skylight platform was made to manage lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration retrofits for SMB. Specifically, it was made for our Allumia team to easily manage the growing volume of small business energy efficiency contracts and all details those entailed—tracing metered savings, tracking trade contractors, basically telling the whole story of that project’s lifecycle in one spot.

Our team has come to realize that the energy efficiency platform we all love has far-reaching applications that can benefit any business looking to manage the daily details of lots and lots of projects, whether that project sheds new light or brings a breath of fresh, cool air.

collaborate and coordinate to get projects across that finish line


Here’s how Skylight helps your team

  • Even your non-technical team members can set up a project with ease in Skylight, getting new business up and running quickly.
  • The platform helps guide every user through difficult and detailed choices, making the full process grounded in analytics rather than gut instinct.
  • You can integrate all the third-party tools your team is already trained to use from CRM to metering to billing/invoicing: Salesforce, Particle, Turntide, UrjaNet, QuickBooks, CreditSafe, Accurev, Avatax, and DocuSign.
  • Through our opportunity submission portal, Skylight can even help you identify potential new sales prospects with customers in your existing database, as well as making it easy for businesses and trade contractors to bring new projects to your doorstep.

Here’s how Skylight helps you work smarter

  • Entering a few data points will give you an instant overview of the rebate and ROI potential of any project.
  • You control and track workforce management—including milestones and seeing how those milestones progress—in one system for everything.
  • The entire process is laid out for you, with absolutely no question what the next step is, reducing confusion and streamlining time spent.
  • The system offers pre-built templates for all documents necessary to the project lifecycle but also allows you to customize/personalize per project as needed.
  • Because of those built-in options and guidelines, Skylight can help you get your energy efficiency or EV-charging projects up and running within a week.

Here’s how Skylight helps you know your business better

  • We install meters on a sampling of the equipment used, and that data pulls automatically into Skylight—which means every customer knows how that equipment is working and what their savings looks like in real-time.
  • The system allows for direct access to detailed program information on your schedule, not anyone else’s. Log in and eyeball stats anytime.
  • Smart defaults already in place help you identify more savings opportunities across your business—whether that’s one building, a campus of buildings, or a scattered set of franchises.
  • Skylight can even help you detect equipment problems and anomalies before they morph into expensive downtime—a little predictive maintenance magic.

Here’s how Skylight can help you change your business for the better

  • The platform carefully details the entire process from design and development to contract proposals and review through quality control and right down to final billing, giving you insights at a glance on every project in your portfolio and letting you ditch the multi-system/million-Xcel-spreadsheets approach of old.
  • The system can build multiple versions per project, allowing you to run models to determine scope and potential ROI for each option before you change a single thing or invest a single dime in the real world.
  • Every bit of communication can be managed within the software, which means every touchpoint with a trade ally, a contractor, or a maintenance coordinator is all documented and kept together in that all-important single source of truth.
  • Skylight can even make measurement and verification (M&V) easier on you with automated systems that calculate savings based on your real data and then allow you to use that customized analysis across as many sets of datapoints and documents as you’d like.

Utility efficiency programs made easy

Our utility allies service can manage your program's entire scope from hot lead to metered and measured project results.

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