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Meter Data

Gone is the Guesswork. Forever.


Circuit level metering allows us to measure actual energy efficiency savings.

We use revenue grade metering to track when and where savings happen, giving you visibility into actual, real-time savings – or waste – instantly.

Meter features

Uncover Opportunities
Uncover Opportunities
Our metering provides unparalleled accuracy, letting us predict maintenance needs and find more energy savings.
Predictions with Precision
Predictions with Precision
We get granular on usage and savings. Our data goes deep to help you predict usage with accuracy and dependability.
Create Committed Customers
Create Committed Customers
We track savings in real-time, providing you with the insight you need when you need it to satisfy your customer.

Metering Guarantees You See Actual Savings, Not An Estimate.

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Your building’s energy use is a fingerprint that helps us identify energy savings opportunities.

Our platform

From design to billing, our platform is completely automated so you can scale energy efficiency with ease.

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