Our Light, Your Savings 

We fund, design, install and maintain a complete lighting upgrade for our customers. We meter the new lighting, track the energy savings and bill for a portion of those savings. 

We have a vested interest in how our lighting upgrades perform long-term because we get paid a portion of every dollar saved. The more our customers save, the better we do.

Allumia Saving Model

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Free Lighting Audit

We evaluate your current lighting and follow-up with a proposal, which includes updated designs and your expected savings.


We upgrade your entire facility’s lighting at zero cost to you.

Upgrade and Save

When the first lamp is installed, you start to save. Our service contract begins and you are billed for a portion of those savings.

Ongoing Maintenance

We provide all replacement lamps, drivers and additional lighting hardware — if something goes wrong that is more complex than just replacing a lamp, we provide the electrian.  Contact us 24/7 for assistance.

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    Don’t settle for guesswork — we measure your energy savings down the kilowatt-hour.  

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