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Saving Energy (and Money) Should be Easy

Commercial and industrial businesses save months of work and up to 35% on their energy with Allumia's Efficiency-as-a-Service Platform.

No upfront costs
Guaranteed Savings
24/7 Reliability

Understand Allumia products at a glance.

What is efficiency-as-a-service?
What is efficiency-as-a-service?
We fund, install, meter, and maintain complete energy efficiency upgrades (lighting, HVAC, refrigeration) for business customers. Simple.
What is Allumia's Skylight platform
What is Allumia's Skylight platform
Skylight is Allumia's customized, handcrafted project management software driven by AI and tailored to meet your specific energy efficiency needs.

How do efficiency-as-a-service and Skylight work together?

Allumia's efficiency-as-a-service product allows commercial and small industrial customers to upgrade their facilities and save money with zero upfront costs—providing a transparent, low risk partnership that results in shared savings in time, maintenance investments and energy (up to 35%).

Skylight is the driver that allows us to expand scope and functionality with energy efficiency projects beyond what can be done with just spreadsheets and smart thinking. It enables a streamlined, analytics-driven approach to saving energy. 

Wondering how it comes together to measure savings and calculate your bill? Watch this short video to find out. 

Meet Our Skylight Platform

From design to billing, our Skylight platform is completely automated so you can manage 100 or 1,000 energy efficiency projects with ease.

Efficiency programs made easy

Our utility allies service can manage your program's entire scope from hot lead to metered and measured project results.

Got a question? Need some help? Want to be an Energy Efficiency Engine? We look forward to connecting with you.

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