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Running a business is tough. Saving energy shouldn’t be.

Commercial and industrial businesses save months of work and up to 35% on their energy consumption with Allumia’s Efficiency-as-a-Service.

No Upfront Costs
Immediate Savings
Maintenance Assured

Allumia makes energy efficiency easy

Streamlined by Design
Streamlined by Design
We fund, install, meter, and maintain complete energy efficiency upgrades for business customers. It’s simple and seamless with Allumia.
A Bigger Bottom Line
A Bigger Bottom Line
Easy, risk-free improvements to energy efficiency for commercial and industrial customers, means more money flowing straight to the bottom line.
Transparency Through Tech
Transparency Through Tech
We don’t estimate energy savings. We meter it at the source. That means you can see actual savings in real time, anytime.

All of the benefits. None of the work.

Businesses have more urgent things to do with their time, expertise, and budget than investing in building efficiency. Our platform delivers efficiency with no upfront cost, risk, or ongoing maintenance. 

Introducing ... Skylight

From design to billing, our Skylight platform is completely automated so you can manage one or many energy efficiency projects with ease.

Meter Data

Metering gives you instant visibility into real-time energy savings.

Want to be an Energy Efficiency Engine? We look forward to connecting with you.

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