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Drive the Future of Energy Efficiency

Our software and IoT platform makes it easy for utilities to meet their clean energy goals.

Higher Revenue
Lower Emissions
Happier Customers

Lead the industry you created

  • Are your efficiency programs adequately serving your business customers?
  • Is declining load-growth creating problems on the horizon?
  • Are you diversifying revenue streams as the grid modernizes?
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Allumia's Efficiency as a Service Engine

We meter, manage and monetize your entire energy efficiency portfolio. Your customers save and you win.
Our software and IoT platform makes it crystal clear so your customers can see savings in real-time.
We measure and track energy savings by the minute and circuit helping your customers decarbonize.

Efficiency Simplified

With our Energy Efficiency as a Service platform your commercial and small industrial customers can upgrade their facilities and save money with no upfront costs, creating happy and loyal customers.  


Your Plan to Drive the Future of Energy Efficiency

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We’ll show you how to accelerate your programs to meet your energy savings or revenue goals.
Simplify your processes with a platform that streamlines energy efficiency for your customers.

Others promise results. We prove it.

We’ve invested countless hours developing, deploying and managing millions of dollars of Energy Efficiency projects for an underserved market we know and love. Small-to-midsize businesses. Today, we’re the largest provider of Energy-Efficiency-as-a-Service to that market for one reason. We deliver results – over and over and over again. That’s why utilities large and small have partnered with us to serve their customers. Let us help you serve yours.

Aaron Block,
Founder and CEO Allumia