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Director of Product


About Allumia
Allumia is a pioneering and innovative firm in the energy sector, working to revolutionize the way energy stakeholders think about and invest in sustainability. We make energy efficiency achievable, manageable, and profitable by providing an effortless platform for energy stakeholders to finance, design, install, and maintain comprehensive efficiency upgrades for commercial and industrial buildings.

Founded in 2013, we've been steadfast in our mission to drive the clean energy revolution, promoting a sustainable future while generating substantial savings for our customers. Our unique, data-driven approach allows us to provide transparent, verifiable, and direct energy savings, transforming the traditionally complex and opaque energy efficiency industry.

Our dedicated team, comprising experts from diverse fields including finance, electrical engineering, and software development, collaborates to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We believe in building strong partnerships with energy stakeholders, contractors, and customers to create a positive and lasting impact on our environment and society.

At Allumia, we're not just delivering a product, we're creating a more sustainable future. If you're passionate about making a tangible difference and driving innovation in the energy sector, join us in our journey towards a more energy-efficient world.

About the  Team
At Allumia, our team is not only committed to achieving business success but is also passionate about making a positive impact on the environment. Our team is composed of bright and driven individuals from diverse backgrounds - finance, electrical engineering, and software development - working in unison to redefine energy efficiency.

We are fueled by our mission to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a sustainable future, creating a business model that aligns profitability with purpose. Our work environment encourages creativity, innovation, and collaboration, allowing us to develop scalable solutions for our partners and clients, including energy providers, retailers, and hotel chains.

If you are eager to contribute to a meaningful cause while working alongside a team of dedicated and talented professionals, Allumia is the ideal place for you. Your work with us will not only shape the trajectory of our fast-growing business but will also significantly influence our efforts toward creating a more energy-efficient world.

About the Role
Your role at Allumia will be pivotal to our growth and success. As our Product Management Lead, you will hold the responsibility of transforming our complex energy efficiency tools into accessible, user-friendly solutions for our wide-ranging market.

You will be stepping into a leadership role, but we understand that your expertise may lean more toward certain aspects of the job. As we grow and develop, we anticipate bringing more talent into the product team to ensure a well-rounded and effective product management operation. Your insights and abilities will shape the product team and the products we offer, making a tangible difference in our organization and the energy efficiency sector.

What You’ll Be Doing
  - Working closely with our sales and operations teams to understand our business and methodology.
  - Interviewing a variety of stakeholders with widely different perspectives and interests, ranging from general contractors to electricians to financial analysts to utility executives.
  - Understanding their needs, requirements, and pain points and synthesizing them into detailed specifications and information architecture, including wireframes, sketches, and user flows.
  - Collaborating with our in-house engineering team to build elegant, user-centric web and mobile experiences.
  - Working with tech and stakeholders to own and drive internal roadmaps, as well as understanding and shaping the market as a whole.
  - Owning the product team’s contribution to scheduling and RFP responses.
  - Prioritize features and functionality in a manner that drives immediate and long-term value for the organization
  - Helping shape the culture and business trajectory of both your own team and the business as a whole.

What You’ll Be Bringing to the Table
  - Proven experience in a software product role in a fast-paced environment.
  - Leadership experience; ability to credibly lead and mentor a team of product managers and UX designers.
  - Ability to identify and conduct whatever research is necessary, both remote and in the field, and construct compelling user journeys reflecting the needs of their audiences.
  - Ability and willingness to work within and co-own the team’s product development process, including sprint planning, writing and verifying tickets, etc.
  - Ability to drive product strategy through both analytic and conceptual thinking.
  - Knowledge of or willingness to quickly learn the ins and outs of converting complex utility and financial processes into bite-sized, easy-to-comprehend, energy-saving transactions.
  - Ability to assess and synthesize complex requirements, be they human, technological, or regulatory.
  - A plan for measuring and analyzing user experience and outcomes.
  - Ability to sell your vision to internal and external stakeholders.
  - Superior oral, written, and visual communication skills.