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green light energy efficiency upgrades for your busy business today with one click


We've partnered with the Intuit family of products to make retrofits and upgrades easy for you.

zero upfront costs
zero upfront costs
We finance your HVAC, lighting, and refrigeration upgrades/retrofits for your business, whether it's one building or a campus.
no maintenance
no maintenance
We install, maintain, and manage your upgrades/retrofits, saving you the hassle. We're coast-to-coast. If you're in the U.S., we've got you covered.
real analytics
real analytics
We don't estimate; we meter at the source so you see those savings in real time and can share them with complete confidence in their accuracy.

energy efficiency made simple

Whether you're driven by a need to save money, a desire to save yourself maintenance/project management hassles, or a passion to save the planet, Allumia's energy efficiency as a service product can help your small or mid-sized business lighten your carbon footprint. 

We'll analyze your space, figure out what you need to replace or upgrade, install that equipment, meter and maintain that equipment, and show you the results.

Saving money, saving energy, saving the planet couldn't be easier. 


energy saved*


maintenance saved*


What is the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace?

Small businesses can take immediate action to replace high carbon-emission activities with more sustainable solutions in the Intuit Climate Action Marketplace. Allumia is proud to partner with Intuit and the other marketplace solution providers, including Tradewater, Aspiration, EnergysageRheaply, Better Packaging Co., Octopus EnergySendle, Red-Inc, Copia, Too Good To Go, Good Wings, and Edenred. Collectively, we believe that the choices made by millions of small businesses today can accelerate our global response to the climate crisis. We can get to net zero/carbon neutral faster together. 


Sign with us on an energy efficiency overhaul for your business, and one percent of the revenue from your initial project will be donated on your behalf to one of three climate action funds: Project Drawdown, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the World Wildlife Fund. (Offer good through 11/1/2022.)

We believe that energy efficiency is the first fuel in the first fight against climate change. Join the battle.

Allumia is a market leader in the delivery of energy efficiency as a service (EEaaS) to the commercial sector with Skylight, a software platform that automates and optimizes the process of financing, metering, and maintaining projects.

Allumia’sEEaaS business model overcomes the two largest barriers to large-scale adoption of energy efficiency technologies—risk and capital constraints—creating a transparent partnership that results in shared savings. 

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability here.