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Allumia TLDR case studies, volume 1: shopping center, condo complex, engineering firm

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Allumia TLDR case study: Mississippi Shopping Center

One Mississippi shopping center offered a wide spectrum of retail options for the community but had seen better days in some well-worn common areas. To address those issues and attract new customers, the center decided to replace their large thousand-watt metal Halides with new state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.

With Allumia’s energy-efficiency-as-a-service (EEaaS) product, this Mississippi shopping center was able to get those new lights with zero financial outlay—so no one had to tap into maintenance funds needed elsewhere. And we also took care of tenant communication as the project progressed, streamlining the process while making sure everyone connected to the project felt informed and empowered.

Mississippi Shopping Center project fun fact:The center saved more than $320,000 while taking the carbon equivalent of sixty cars off the road.

Allumia TLDR case study: Stella's Landing Condos

Stella's Landing, a Washington-state condominium complex, takes pride in conservation. The homeowners’ association (HOA) recognized the ability to both save energy and fix a few safety issues with the installation of magnetic-ballast T12 lighting.

With Allumia’s energy-efficiency-as-a-service (EEaaS) product, Stella's was able to upgrade to LED lighting at no upfront cost, while investing their own capital in other improvements. With the added lifetime of LED lighting and the maintenance provisions of EEaaS, not only is Stella's Landing saving on their electrical bill, but they save maintenance time by eliminating bulb replacement—all while both beautifying and enhancing neighborhood security.

Stella’s Landing project fun fact: The community saved more than $43,000 while taking the carbon equivalent of six cars off the road.

Allumia TLDR case study: Architectural Engineering Firm

One local architectural engineering firm created entire facility canopies, tenant upgrades, and other corporate construction products and deployed them across the country. Such detailed craftsmanship required some very bright light to work by.

With Allumia’s energy-efficiency-as-a-service (EEaaS) product, this firm was able to up spread light into every dark corner to help increase production, and the metered and flexible payment model allowed them to upgrade their business as they grew.

Architectural Engineering Firm project fun fact:The firm saved more than $125,000 while taking the carbon equivalent of twenty-five cars off the road.

Stay tuned for Allumia's anti-TLDR case studies, volume 2 ... coming soon.


Allumia is a market leader in the delivery of energy efficiency as a service (EEaaS) to the commercial sector with Skylight, a software platform that automates and optimizes the process of financing, metering, and maintaining projects.

Allumia’s EEaaS business model overcomes the two largest barriers to large-scale adoption of energy efficiency technologiesrisk and capital constraints—creating a transparent partnership that results in shared savings.